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Covering Christmas

A Small Town MM Romance

He’s just in town to cover the Christmas Festival. Will complete strangers turn into lovers this Christmastime?

Instead of reporting on the biggest story of my career, I end up in this podunk town to cover a Christmas Festival. Now my rental winds up stuck in a snowbank!

My savior though…a hunky handyman digs me out. But I’m sure my in-the-heat-of-the-moment snappy comebacks must have turned him cold to me. Why, Clay?

He seems to be everywhere I turn though, including fixing my sink at the B&B. Maybe having him fix more than my leaking pipes might provide the diversion I desperately need?

Too bad I won’t be here much longer. Once my story is done…I’m out of here!

Who comes to a snowy New Hampshire town not dressed for winter weather?

I’m staring at him…this cocky, yet easy-on-the-eyes, reporter is just a bit jaded. So of course, he’s staying at my folks’ B&B.

My responsibilities are endless leading up to the big Christmas Festival, helping around the B&B, and raising my belated sister’s son, Aiden. I can’t even dream of adding him to my plate to warm my bed.

Though I’m willing to give it a try.

When Clay uncovers a deeper story that threatens everyone…our town, my folks, Aiden, and us, will exposing the truth change what we’ve just started forever?

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Covering Christmas is a standalone M/M Christmas novel featuring strangers to lovers, small town snowy holiday feels, a town secret, a loving family, and a warm, cozy HEA ending.

My Bossy Valentine

A Billionaire Office MM Romance

Cupid will have to work overtime to get one jealous billionaire and his flirtatious assistant together. Will his arrow hit its mark or blow up in both of their faces?

Stress is an understatement. With my dad stepping down and to take my rightful place, I just have to get this VIP client to sign. Which means I must pull off the most spectacular Valentine Masquerade Gala yet.

Gabe is the best event coordinator in our agency, but I can’t help it. The more I spend time with him, the more I need to show him he’s special.

I’m not good at playing second to anyone when he turns on the charm to everyone for the gala. Not when he’s mine… and only mine.

With another failed relationship in my rear-view mirror, I’m back on the market.

Strangely, after starting my next work assignment planning the agency’s gala event, I’ve started getting notes from a secret admirer. And it’s killing me not knowing who it is?

I find working closely with my boss’ boss, the agency’s billionaire VP Justin Merrick, that I desire his warm body and mouth on mine.

Even though I’ve started seeing Justin, I’m still getting these notes. But every time I try finding who the author is, Justin gets upset.

I’m not sure I can take much more of his jealousy and lack of trust.

Things can’t go on the way they are. I have a choice to make… my job or my relationship with Justin?

My Bossy Valentine eBook Cover.jpg

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My Bossy Valentine is a billionaire office, alpha, mistaken identity M/M romance novel involving one jealous executive and one flirtatious assistant. The story has steamy, passionate scenes and bursts of emotion with a very HEA ending.

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