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The Men of Saltwater Cove Series

Electronic Book

A Place for Alistair

An Age Gap, Off-Limits, College M/M Romance

Book 1

Alistair Simmons and his college buddies are determined to hold on to their rented house until they graduate college. The exasperatingly alluring Finn Roberts is in charge of handling the repairs. Alistair must get creative to convince Finn to stop the house from going on the market.

My long-time friend, Grey, has me getting the properties of his recent late father in Saltwater Cove ready to sell. I couldn’t say no since Grey helped me out so much with my messy divorce.

This one property, though—the one with the college kids—is going to be a headache.

Our first scheduled meeting turns south when one kid, er, the twenty-four-year-old, Alistair, shows up late.

I have a soft spot for him, though. Going for his MFA, I know he won’t find a cheaper place to rent. Yet this house needs a total overhaul. And didn’t I mention he’s drop dead gorgeous?

From the moment I gazed into his sea-green eyes, I knew I was in trouble.

But he’s too young for me, not to mention, he’s my boss’ tenant. I don’t even want to imagine the turmoil our relationship would bring to my son’s life. His grandparents, who have visitation rights, are just looking for an excuse to get full custody.

I can’t deny my feelings for him anymore. With each passing week, it’s heating up…

This property and Alistair… just may be too hot to handle!

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A Place for Alistair is a small town, age gap, off-limits, alpha, college M/M romance that happens over the summer months. You’ll find hot, steamy moments and intimate encounters with a HEA ending to love.

Deceiving Grier

A Mistaken Identity, Opposites Attract, College M/M Romance

Book 2

In pursuing a defining story to launch my career after college graduation, I stumble upon an allegedly scandalous living situation at an upscale house in The Square. Little did I know that one case of mistaken identity would bring me face-to-face with Grier, a man I just can’t resist.

Despite hiding my investigative nature, I agree to rent a room at the house with Grier and his friend, Jett. If only to uncover the truth about their unusual living arrangement.

Grier and I butt heads as I begin to see the tremendous weight he carries on those strong shoulders. So, I do something they don’t teach you in my journalism program, I get intimately involved with my story.

My guilt gets the best of me with each enticing encounter. I can’t get enough of Grier Miller.

But when a fluke accident jeopardizes Grier’s athletic scholarship, my secret comes out, and a family incident pulls Grier closer to home, I’m left wondering if our connection is strong enough to weather the storm and rewrite our destinies.

Deceiving Grier ebook cover.jpg

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Deceiving Grier is a small town, mistaken identity, opposites attract, college M/M romance that takes place during the fall semester. There are hot, intimate scenes with an unexpected HEA ending that you'll love!

Jett in Jeopardy

An Alpha, Protector, College M/M Romance

Book 3

My luck had hit rock bottom in Saltwater Cove—until Brody Harris swooped in to save me. He's the hot bartender I've been longing for over three years. After one wild night, he brings me home. Is this a twist of fate or just another twist in my chaotic life?


Jett Feilding is finishing his last year at Bayside University and is nothing but trouble wrapped in temptation. Against my better judgment, I'm drawn in.

His carefree façade conceals scars I want to heal. Our passion blazes hotter than I ever thought possible. Yet, as recent life-threatening predicaments try to consume him, I find myself torn between shielding him and pushing him away. Despite a dangerous stalker plaguing him, I take him in.

My painful past keeps rearing its ugly head just as my passion for Jett ignites. I'm resolved though, to stand by Jett's side with danger stalking him. I just wish he'd let me in.

This sudden journey we're on is definitely a wild ride, and I'll do whatever it takes to keep Jett safe. I owe it to him. No… I owe it to us to show him the love he deserves.

There are just two things: have I realized my desire for Jett too late? And…

Can I reach Jett in time before the sand in his hourglass runs out

Jett in Jeopardy eBook Cover.jpg

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Jett in Jeopardy is a small town, alpha, protector, college M/M romance leading up to the holiday break towards the end of the fall semester. There is light sadism and hot, intimate scenes along with a suspenseful HEA ending that you're sure to enjoy.

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